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I agree wholeheartedly with everything you've said. I guess I was just
looking for confirmation of my experiences, as well as other possible
suppliers I had not previously heard about (like Artcraft). And I totally
agree we must support our local suppliers, because even though I live within
(long) driving distance of B&S, I can't just run over there when I need
something today. Unfortunately, even in a big city like Phoenix, it's
getting harder and harder to find local shops that still support large
format and/or alt processes.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to add to this discussion.


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Your question is unanswerable as a comparison since both of these suppliers
are excellent. So, it is not an either or situation. They are both good and
I don't just look at cost either. People need to make a reasonable profit or
they go by the wayside then someone ends up with a monopoly and the price
goes up anyway. Actually I like talking to Melody best just because it's
Melody. She's a delight and I guess Kevin's OK on most days (only poking
fun). I am sure there are other good suppliers as well. I dislike talking
to B&H on the phone for regular supplies but like placing my orders via the
Internet. Good prices and good delivery and no one on the other end rushiing
you so they can take the next call. Alt suppliers I have talked with seem to
be less like that.

I advocate the use of local suppliers whenever possible as we need to
support our local business. Again price is not the primary consideration.
Fresh off the shelf products with no freight time and personal
relationships with knowledgeable people adds value. In Houston, Pro Photo
Supply is my choice.

I'm glad they make both chocolate and vanilla ice cream so I don't have to
choose, I can have both and lots in-between. Thanks for variety.

Houston, TX

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Subject: Photographer's Formulary vs. Bostick & Sullivan

My last message may have gotten confused, as I dived into a thread about
printing frames. What I'd really like to know is how the various listers
feel about the service, product depth, pricing, etc. of PF vs. B&S vs. any
other suppliers of alt-photo stuff. I wouldn't say I was unhappy with
either, but I'd like the opinions of others, as well as suggestions for
other quality suppliers (and not necessarily strictly alt-photo suppliers,
either, but good companies that sell quality products we'd use in our

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