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Date: 08/27/04-08:45:52 AM Z
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It isn't a "done deal", but it is very scary. Ilford is in some sort of
legal bankrupt state (I'm in the US, so the British legal terms left me
a bit confused). The article stated that the "receivers" hope to sell
the film and "photo paper" business as an "on going business". But, if
that doesn't happen quickly.......

The Ilford inkjet paper division is continuing unaffected and for now
Ilford USA (distributer I assume) is continuing unaffected (but the
article didn't say how much material they had). I use Ilford for my
8x10 and 11x14 camera film, I use Photowarehouse film (Ilford repacked)
for enlarged negs from color transparencies, I still do a fair bit of
Silver printing and Ilford MGFB is my most common paper....... I'm

Agfa is a similar story, not exactly gone but in serious trouble. Agfa
has "stopped" the film/paper department but agreed to sell it to a
group of the existing department managers. Assuming they close the deal
(the managers come up with the $$) Agfa will be back soon.

One big, scary, question is what any re-started company would do with
current product lines and prices. I assume any new (smaller) concern
will have to raise prices and shrink offerings. That is very scary to
an 11x14 shooter who also uses 16x20 pan film for enlarged negs. Back
to wet plates????????

On Friday, August 27, 2004, at 06:23 AM, Robert Newcomb wrote:

> Is is a done deal? Is Ilford really out of the film business?
> They have been a good source for large format film. How will
> we shoot big and/or make enlarged negatives? Somebody please
> calm me down a little!
> Robert Newcomb
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>>> I am shocked-yesterday- Ilford had quit the film business!
>>> I blame all the bottom liners!
>>> What is one to to do?
>>> Susan
>> It is less 'what is ONE to do, but what about the MANY?' The
> simple
>> solution is buy more film and paper.
>> How many of you plan to actually Make your editions of 20 or
> 45, or whatever
>> you claim as your edition?
>> Now you see what the price of a photograph can become.
>> Buy enough and your company will remain in business.
>> I gave up on Agfa for Luminos Artos, myself.
>> S.
Tom Ferguson
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