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From: Robert Newcomb ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/27/04-07:23:17 AM Z
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Is is a done deal? Is Ilford really out of the film business?
They have been a good source for large format film. How will
we shoot big and/or make enlarged negatives? Somebody please
calm me down a little!
Robert Newcomb

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>> I am shocked-yesterday- Ilford had quit the film business!
>> I blame all the bottom liners!
>> What is one to to do?
>> Susan
>It is less 'what is ONE to do, but what about the MANY?' The
>solution is buy more film and paper.
>How many of you plan to actually Make your editions of 20 or
45, or whatever
>you claim as your edition?
>Now you see what the price of a photograph can become.
>Buy enough and your company will remain in business.
>I gave up on Agfa for Luminos Artos, myself.
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