Off-topic: Daguerre-o-hats

From: Marie Wohadlo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/23/04-01:30:15 PM Z
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The people who drive the horse-drawn carriages in Chicago (fall and winter,
of course) wear big ol' black tophats --- they ARE awesome! Sans-mercury
I'm sure!

>I bet those hats looked bad-ass.
>Marie Wohadlo wrote:
>>It seems that there are those who HAVE learned the Dag process on their
>>own, although I would never ever ever even think of beginning to deal
>>with mercury without consulting with multiple professionals on this.
>>Perhaps someone can confirm or deny this, but I have heard that the
>>phrase (and character of) the "Mad Hatter" came about because there once
>>was a day when men's top hapts were made to shine with.....guess
>>what.....mercury......and they eventually went insane (for lack of any
>>actual diagnoses).
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