Re: Daguerreotypes again

From: Jon Danforth ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/23/04-09:13:47 AM Z
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I think that the term has more to do with what happened to the people
making the hats than the people wearing them. Apparently, working with
felt that has been soaked in "copius amounts of merucry" is bad for you? :)

I bet those hats looked bad-ass.


Marie Wohadlo wrote:

> It seems that there are those who HAVE learned the Dag process on
> their own, although I would never ever ever even think of beginning to
> deal with mercury without consulting with multiple professionals on
> this. Perhaps someone can confirm or deny this, but I have heard that
> the phrase (and character of) the "Mad Hatter" came about because
> there once was a day when men's top hapts were made to shine
> with.....guess what.....mercury......and they eventually went insane
> (for lack of any actual diagnoses).
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