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You're welcome, Judy. Actually, all the electronic thingies (to use the
technical term) around us are much more robust than you'd think. On top of
camera and other electronics being built so they can withstand the physical
rigors of daily use, they are also designed so they will still work, even if
they are damaged in certain ways. With memory systems (CF cards, discs,
memory sticks, etc.), you generally have built-in error detection and
correction. So, even if the memory were partially physically damaged, or
something electronically changed the data on it, you could probably still
recover images from it and not even know there was a problem. In fact, that
happens all the time in a computer (which is what your camera is); you just
aren't aware that the problems are being fixed. It is only when one of
these things fails in a major way that you know about it.

Fortunately, all our electronic gadgets are designed to deal with clumsy
humans and the things in our world. I wouldn't stand out in a lightning
storm holding your camera in one hand and a flagpole in the other, but most
anything less severe than that, I wouldn't worry about. Remember,
electronics were designed to live in our environment and take most of what
we hairless apes can dish out. Film, on the other hand, is not, to put
things into perspective. And if it is a safe environment for you (not that
I'd want to ride through an x-ray machine every day, I'd probably survive a
few trips through), chances are your camera and memory will be OK.

I hope that clears up some fears out there. And listers, don't send me your
dead memory cards to resurrect after they've passed through a family pet of
befallen some other tragedy. =8^p


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Many thanks, Schuyler, for the info... guess I can relax somewhat.  I
don't think in this case thievery is a great problem, since I walk through
the metal detector right next to the conveyor belt -- they'd have to be
super slick to pull something off during those 5 seconds right under my
nose (tho maybe I shouldn't tempt fate by saying so..?).

I've also had the thought of a variables test -- one day take it out, come
back later with same image on a card and go through with it in. Tho that
test is a ways down the pike, if ever, given the backlog.

Interestingly, I do worry about losing the memory card more than I ever
worried about film... maybe because it takes so many more pictures...

Meanwhile, thanks again for info...


X-ray machines I wouldn't worry about for compact flash—but metal detectors?

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