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> Many thanks, Schuyler, for the info... guess I can relax somewhat.  I
> don't think in this case thievery is a great problem, since I walk through
> the metal detector right next to the conveyor belt -- they'd have to be
> super slick to pull something off during those 5 seconds right under my
> nose (tho maybe I shouldn't tempt fate by saying so..?).
> I've also had the thought of a variables test -- one day take it out, come
> back later with same image on a card and go through with it in. Tho that
> test is a ways down the pike, if ever, given the backlog.
> Interestingly, I do worry about losing the memory card more than I ever
> worried about film... maybe because it takes so many more pictures...
> Meanwhile, thanks again for info...
> Judy

X-ray machines I wouldn't worry about for compact flash—but metal detectors?

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