Re: Photog Forumulary - UV Box and Frames - comments?

From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/21/04-03:07:35 PM Z
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--- Jeff Dilcher <> wrote:

> Can anyone who has used or seen the UV box and/or
> contact printing
> frames from Photog Forumulary comment on them?
> I was thinking of building a light box, but, not
> sure if I want to deal with
> the hassle...
i don't know about the uv boxes...but i have a number
of the contact frames and they are very well made, and
very tight.

My experience is different. The contact frames I purchased about ten
years ago from PF loosened after a couple years of heavy use in a
college Photo lab. They were inexpensive and well worth the price IMO,
but aren't the best I've used, nor the worst. They fell in between the
frames from Premier (don't even think of acquiring one of those
duct-taped dogs) and the old Kodak frames (which can be found used at
reasonable prices).

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