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Date: 08/21/04-02:27:32 PM Z
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The sulfite acts as a reducing agent. It clears the dichromate by reducing
it to an inactive form.

Air can also oxidize sulfite to sulfate, ruining it as a clearing agent.
Therefore, I would not recommend storing it for more than a day. Going from
Saturday to Sunday would probably be OK, however.

My thoughts would be similar to reusing glyoxal and over-using fixer. The
sulfite (and others) are relatively cheap, particularly compared to your
time and other materials. How many people would dilute platinum salts or
short a mixture of good pigment in gum printing, just to save money? The
same applies to the rest of the process.
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> After clearing a 2 or 3 gum prints, is the sodium bisulfite solution
> storable for later use or should I just dump it and make a new solution
> when needed? Thanks.
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