Re: What is the best printer for both dig negs and standard photo printing

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Date: 08/19/04-07:18:57 PM Z
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The 2200 is IMHO, the best all-round printer. I have made very nice
digital negatives on Pictorico, the turn right around and make color
prints; lately I have been trying out an inkset from MIS, Ultratone 7.
It makes beautiful variable tone archival B&W/sepia prints with very
little fuss, and you can swap the color and UT7 inksets back and forth
easily. Actually, I'm thinking of getting another 2200 so I can have one
for MIS and the other for color prints/digital negatives.


Thom Mitchell wrote:

>I realize this may not be the best place to ask this since it has been
>covered in the past but things change especailly in printing technology. I
>am looking for a good printer for both digital negatives and for normal
>photo printing duties, both color and B&W. I am leaning towards the Epson
>2200 because of the media size it can handle, but if there is a better
>printer at an equal or cheaper price, I would be open to it. I will be
>creating my first dig negs from DSLR and from film scans. But my wife, who
>is the money manager of the house for good reason, will be printing
>snapshots, portraits, scenics, etc., both in color and b&w. I'm hoping to be
>able to make negs for silver and also to print color work as well.
>I know the 2200 is a great printer but with the new printers available is
>work stepping up in price? The larger print area would be nice to have but
>isn't essential. Any advice can be sent to me off list so as not to burden
>the list. Thanks for your patience. Thom

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