Re: What is the best printer for both dig negs and standard photo printing

Date: 08/19/04-06:53:07 PM Z
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Hi Thom,

I don't think you can beat the Epson 2200 right now.

As you say, you get the larger size capability, excellent inkjet negatives
and excellent standard inkjet prints. For Black & White inkjet prints, I suggest
just printing black ink only. The Ultrachrome inks are the best I have tested
so far for use when making digital negatives. Good density range and the
"density signature" of the ink is much more uniform than other ink sets.

The allignment procedure built into the 2200 driver also gets rid of a lot of
problems including banding issues. The negatives are very smooth.

Mark Nelson

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> I realize this may not be the best place to ask this since it has been
> covered in the past but things change especailly in printing technology.  I
> am looking for a good printer for both digital negatives and for normal
> photo printing duties, both color and B&W. I am leaning towards the Epson
> 2200 because of the media size it can handle, but if there is a better
> printer at an equal or cheaper price, I would be open to it. I will be
> creating my first dig negs from DSLR and from film scans. But my wife, who
> is the money manager of the house for good reason, will be printing
> snapshots, portraits, scenics, etc., both in color and b&w. I'm hoping to be
> able to make negs for silver and also to print color work as well.
> I know the 2200 is a great printer but with the new printers available is
> work stepping up in price? The larger print area would be nice to have but
> isn't essential. Any advice can be sent to me off list so as not to burden
> the list. Thanks for your patience. Thom
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