Re: New Cyanotype - my first unsuccessful attempt

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Date: 08/18/04-07:02:51 PM Z
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If your print looks like your scan, I'd say, "awesome job"!!


Loris Medici wrote:

>Hi Scott.
>Thank you very much. The trick worked!!!
>Minutes after your helpful message I noticed that there's a very small
>side-note in the New Cyanotype chaper of John Barnier's "Coming into Focus"
>which mentions the 40% citric acid addition. I have successfully printed on
>watercolor paper and cotton with the new formula - thanks to the trick you
>In some prints, I noticed a very very slight yellow staining in the
>highlights which I guess is due to incomplete clearing - I have made rough
>tests so far; didn't bother with developing/clearing 5 minutes in 2% citric
>acid - just plain tap water (probably the cure is developing in citric
>acid)... Other than this (the stain) I think the new formula is superior to
>the classic formula. I coat only once and *in my case* "dMax is considerably
>higher than double coated classic formula" (big plus!). And, indeed the
>paper absorbes the emulsion more easily, the emulsion sets up very quickly.
>2 mins. wait to let the paper soak the emulsion then 15 mins. drying in
>front of a cool air fan and I'm ready to print (in less than half time I
>have to wait for double coated classic formula - and again; dMax is higher
>in my case). Kudos Mr. Ware!
>P.S. See one of the test prints I have made @
> (careful levels
>and/or curves adjustments were made to make the scan resemble to the
>original print as much as possible. Additionally, paper background outside
>image area was deleted in order to eliminate annoying light falloff on the
>edges; the paper was slightly bigger than the scanner bed can
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>>Sorry about that. I use about 3 ml of sensitizer with 3-4 drops of 40%
>>citric acid and 3 drops of 1% tween per 11" x 15" sheet for an 8" x 10"
>>negative. I ran into your problem a while back and contacted Dr. Ware who
>>suggested using the citric acid. Using his suggestion, I have even been
>>to print on butchers paper.
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