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Hi Scott.

Thank you very much. The trick worked!!!

Minutes after your helpful message I noticed that there's a very small
side-note in the New Cyanotype chaper of John Barnier's "Coming into Focus"
which mentions the 40% citric acid addition. I have successfully printed on
watercolor paper and cotton with the new formula - thanks to the trick you

In some prints, I noticed a very very slight yellow staining in the
highlights which I guess is due to incomplete clearing - I have made rough
tests so far; didn't bother with developing/clearing 5 minutes in 2% citric
acid - just plain tap water (probably the cure is developing in citric
acid)... Other than this (the stain) I think the new formula is superior to
the classic formula. I coat only once and *in my case* "dMax is considerably
higher than double coated classic formula" (big plus!). And, indeed the
paper absorbes the emulsion more easily, the emulsion sets up very quickly.
2 mins. wait to let the paper soak the emulsion then 15 mins. drying in
front of a cool air fan and I'm ready to print (in less than half time I
have to wait for double coated classic formula - and again; dMax is higher
in my case). Kudos Mr. Ware!


P.S. See one of the test prints I have made @ (careful levels
and/or curves adjustments were made to make the scan resemble to the
original print as much as possible. Additionally, paper background outside
image area was deleted in order to eliminate annoying light falloff on the
edges; the paper was slightly bigger than the scanner bed can

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> Sorry about that. I use about 3 ml of sensitizer with 3-4 drops of 40%
> citric acid and 3 drops of 1% tween per 11" x 15" sheet for an 8" x 10"
> negative. I ran into your problem a while back and contacted Dr. Ware who
> suggested using the citric acid. Using his suggestion, I have even been
> to print on butchers paper.
> Scott
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