Re: Pipette Sources?

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Date: 08/18/04-02:11:47 AM Z
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From: "Schuyler Grace" <>
Subject: RE: Pipette Sources?
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 01:02:24 -0700

> BTW, my brother, the biology professor, is sending out a few
> "samples" from his lab, but he had no idea how/where to go about
> ordering them. Apparently, they just appear, as if by magic,
> whenever they are needed.

Ok, professors are good about academic things and scholarly work,
maybe career strategy and that sort of stuff, but... when it comes to
doing dishes or cleaning bathroom, they don't even have the number for
household/building maintenance department -- Go talk to the young lab
techs instead... They are the ones who buy supplies and do the dishes...

Sorry professors on the list...

Ryuji Suzuki
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Junk is the symptom, not the problem."
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