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Oh, WOW! This place has everything I need to build my creature! I need in the way of pipettes, and they even have
decent prices and reasonable minimum quantities. They have something for
everyone looking for any sort of lab/science supplies.

BTW, my brother, the biology professor, is sending out a few "samples" from
his lab, but he had no idea how/where to go about ordering them.
Apparently, they just appear, as if by magic, whenever they are needed.

Thanks for the info! It was a huge help.


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Subject: Re: Pipette Sources?

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Subject: Pipette Sources?
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> Could anyone on the list suggest a good supplier for graduated pipettes
> (10ml x 0.1ml) and thumbwheel-type pipettors? I have been looking on the
> Internet, but the only place I've found sells them by the case lot, and
> that's enough of each to last me ten lifetimes. Any suggestions?

The graduated pipettes are easy to find. You find them deep in far
drawers of some scientific labs because those are very unpopular
thanks to the type that you can program 3 digits are already very
common, at least for small volumes. But if you want 10mlx0.1ml, I
guess the old fashioned type is the way to go...

This company has strange selection, very different from Daigger or
Sigma-Aldrich or other scientific lab supply houses, but you find a
lot of unpopular items for very cheap price.

Ryuji Suzuki
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