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Kate: does you merc. vapor light burn hot? Hot enough that in a small space
it may cause fire?

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> Quoting dan jones <>:
> > Has anyone out there heard of, or used a Zoo Med
> > Powersun UV Mercury Vapor Lamp? I found them at a
> > local pet store and was wondering if I might use them
> > for exposing gum prints.
> Dan, I use an industrial mercury vapour lamp. It's 400 watts and is self-
> ballasted. It's perfectly fine for gum prints and I have no idea whether
> UVA or UVB. My guess is that the wattage is critical, and that if it's
> 200 watts it's going to be too small.....there are lots of Mercury Vapour
> available that are bigger - used in industrial settings like warehouses
> factories. I bought mine at a secondhand store. Just be careful because
> aren't earthed and can at least give you a nasty shock if you touch the
> Kate
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