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Date: 08/12/04-04:38:52 PM Z
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Quoting dan jones <>:

> Has anyone out there heard of, or used a Zoo Med
> Powersun UV Mercury Vapor Lamp? I found them at a
> local pet store and was wondering if I might use them
> for exposing gum prints.

Dan, I use an industrial mercury vapour lamp. It's 400 watts and is self-
ballasted. It's perfectly fine for gum prints and I have no idea whether its
UVA or UVB. My guess is that the wattage is critical, and that if it's under
200 watts it's going to be too small.....there are lots of Mercury Vapour lamps
available that are bigger - used in industrial settings like warehouses and
factories. I bought mine at a secondhand store. Just be careful because some
aren't earthed and can at least give you a nasty shock if you touch the housing.

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