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Subject: new process
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 23:08:08 -0500

> I came across two processes, one a while ago--the morphine
> process--which I thought was weird enough,

What's the date for this? And are you sure it develops image on paper
or something, not in the sky in Greece or among the brain cells?

> but this week I came across the raspberry syrup process. It was in
> the Photographic Journal from the 1850's. I didn't record how it
> was actually done (except for the page no. for future reference) but
> thought that if Photo Techniques magazine could run a Green Tea film
> development process, raspberry syrup wasn't too far behind.

That Photo Techniques article is nothing to worry about... Actually
French government is developing a new technique based on grape juices
and fermented version thereof, in response to much too much crop
expected this year as well as their new "Surgeon General's" warning
label against drinking of pregnant women. Last year their wine
industry was hit by tightening of traffic violation citations and the
entire Bordeaux would go out of business if it didn't result in
widespread use of vacuum sealing of half drunk wine bottles. This is
the very technology to keep developers fresh, or to bring opened
bottles from restaurants to home.

By the way, I did some tests in that area before, and I found Nero
d'avola from Sicilia worked the best because they were least acidic of
all and did nto require too much carbonate. The brain should be then
stopped in Yemeni coffee (Hirazi or Ismaili region) and then fixed in
Bulgarian yogurt.

It costs a lot if you pick absolutely the right material, but still
cheaper than morphine process, I suppose.

(In reality I know of no French project to use wine as a
developer. But the new warning label, high expected yield this year,
citation of drunk driving, Bordeaux vintners tried to promote vacuum
stoppers, and lower acidity of nero d'avola, are somewhat true based
on what I heard. Perhaps French drinkers or photographers rather
could help in these areas, maybe except for the last.)

Ryuji Suzuki
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