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Date: 08/09/04-10:08:08 PM Z
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Hi all,
     Summer is going out with a bang, as it usually does. I have barely had
time to breathe, but I managed to sneak in another foray into the Univ of
Minn's rare book collections. I came across two processes, one a while
ago--the morphine process--which I thought was weird enough, but this week I
came across the raspberry syrup process. It was in the Photographic Journal
from the 1850's. I didn't record how it was actually done (except for the
page no. for future reference) but thought that if Photo Techniques magazine
could run a Green Tea film development process, raspberry syrup wasn't too
far behind.
     Heck, we could do our prints and eat them, too.
Good night,
PS I also found that it was a **woman** who added the first non-carbon
black, non powdered pigment to the gum process in England :) You go
girl...(I mean, you went, girl)
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