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Yes, all you need is plain float glass. Every decent glass shop in
town should have what you need in the necessary dimension. Just take
your your measurements to a shop and in most cases you can get it cut
right away, at least that is the case where I live. Have them smooth
the edges because the edges of cut glass can be very dangerous and
even getting it home and in the frame could be risky.

I don't know much about your pump but you can get an excellent Gast
oiless rotary vane compresssor/pump that will work fine with vacuum
pumps up to about 23X29" for around $40 from C and H Sales Company in
Pasadena, California. Their Stock number for this part is PC2050. The
hardware stores also will have step-up and step-down adaptors that
will allow fit between uneven end parts.

As for tubes you can find what you need in local auto parts stores or
even in places like Lowes or Home Depot. You don't need anything
special as most plastic tubing available, clear or black, will be
more than adequate for your needs.


>As far as the technical term, I believe it is called "float glass." It is
>made by floating molten glass onto a bed of molten tin. Make it the same
>thickness as the original. It should be relatively inexpensive. For a
>nominal fee, they might even mount it into the frame for you.
>If you call Nuarc, they are very helpful, when you get the fan of old stuff
>in customer service.
>If you take the part and serial number, you might be able to find something
>on the Grainger web site. They are a distributor. There are two types of
>pump. One REQUIRES oil, or it will be ruined. The other kind is ruined if
>you put oil in it. If the base cabinet does not have an easy-open port, it
>is probably an oil-free pump. Best to check, though.
>Look at the ends of the vacuum tubing, also. They tend to crack, making
>vacuum harder to hold. The one I got off of eBay works, but does not hold
>vacuum all that well. I will replace the tubing when I get enough "round
>tuits." The VWR catalog will carry it, or in the yellow pages under hoses
>or vacuum.
>One last thing, I understand that the metal halide units (the newer ones)
>will not do cyanotypes.
>Good luck
>Martin Angerman
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>After my initial shock and without trying to get a major cut, I looked at
>the glass. It appears to be at least 1/8th of a inch thick. It definately
>shattered instead of small "beads" with long wrist-slashing shards.
>Now after unpacking the pump, I have more questions. There are two glass
>jars attached to the pump. I assume that the larger one is to collect
>moisture and perhaps the smaller one is for oil. I am not sure so if anyone
>can enlighten me as to maintance and the operation of the pump, I would
>greatly appreciate it. The pump is a Dayton and is hugh.
>Regards and Thanks
>Jonathon Russell
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>> Hi Jonathon,
>> There is no special glass for vacuum frames except you should use at
>> 1/4 inch plate glass, and, I forget the term glazers use, but it has to
>> "choice" or "high standard" in that it should not contain any air bubbles
>> when manufactured.
>> Best,
>> Craig Z.
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>> > Hello,
>> > It's now my turn to use the collected wisdom of the group.
>> > I purchased a Nuarc Vacuum frame and pump from E-Bay. While I'm sure
>> the insurance claim will be honored, I was wondering If I will be able to
>> use a sheet of glass from a local glass company or is the glass in the
>> vacuum frame "special" due to the vacuum created?
>> >
>> > Regards to one and All,
>> >
>> > Jonathon Russell
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