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Date: 08/09/04-06:40:44 PM Z
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Giovanni wrote:

> I do have several questions and probably too many but the first is:
> Is there any book you recommend me to read that deals with the three
> negatives instead of the Kodak single color negative?

Good question. The best books on separation practice I recall were short
things put out by Kodak that were out of print long ago. I'll look through
my photo books and see what I can find. First, you have to separate the
colors. Are you intending to make three in-camera negatives, or shoot
color film (or digital) and do the separation later?

The basic issues are (i) getting the color balance right, which is a matter
of using the right filters and choosing the right exposure and development
for the three negatives [with DT, one often develops the 3 negs to
different contrast levels -- I suspect the same may be true of other
processes]; and (ii) registration of the three [or four, with a luminance
layer] negatives. In the old days, we punched holes in unexposed film and
used pin-registered film holders, enlarger negative holders, and printing
frames throughout the process. Condit, the manufacturer of
pin-registration equipment, went out of business a few years ago. I
understand that shrinkage is a factor with multi-layer gum, so registration
may be more of an issue for you than it is for DT printers.

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