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And it does too (though I can't attest to brick), but there's a secret
to using it. You have to mix it with a little water per the
instructions. It then proceeds to foam up to 3-4x the amount originally
used. If you don't use water, it doesn't bond nearly as well. Guys
in the environmental lab where my wife used to work would use it to glue
PVC pipes together, and they swore by it.


On 8/2/2004, "Barry Kleider" <bkleider@sihope.com> wrote:

>I recently ran across a product called "Gorilla Glue" at my favorite
>hardware store. Claims to bond brick, glass, aluminum stronger than anything
>else around.
>for whatever that's worth....
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>> Chris, Liam,
>> My experience with velcro on brick is not good. The fuzzy velcro
>> sides stick together really well, but the brick and the sticky side don't.
>> Uneven surface is a BIG problem and, further, if the brick is not sealed
>> (but I assume it is) even a slightly crumbly, sandy kind of surface is
>> hopeless for any kind of sticky stuff. If it is just paper you are putting
>> straight onto the wall, there is a terrific archival double sided tape
>> available - and it actually comes off the paper cleanly afterwards too.
>> Drilling, rawl plugs and screws is the safest option IMO. Then, after
>> everything
>> is sold, fill the holes with good old Spakfilla (I have no idea what it's
>> called in the US.) Great stuff, I'll send you some if you like. I reckon
>> over 50% of the content of the walls of the gallery I show at is
>> primarily composed of Spakfilla.
>> Cheers
>> Catherine
>> > Chris,
>> >
>> > Here's a stupid idea that shouldn't cost much. What about self-adhesive
>> > velcro, which I believe can be bought by the yard or metre off a roll?
>> > ("Velcro" in the UK, that is; if you don't know what I'm talking about,
>> I'll
>> > try and find out what you call it.) A short length stuck to each corner
>> at
>> > the back of the frame, and in corresponding positions on the wall. Just
>> > peel off afterwards - if there's any sticky residue, alcohol or similar
>> > solvent should get rid of it.
>> >
>> > Liam
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