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Date: 08/01/04-08:12:11 PM Z
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I recently ran across a product called "Gorilla Glue" at my favorite
hardware store. Claims to bond brick, glass, aluminum stronger than anything
else around.
for whatever that's worth....

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> Chris, Liam,
> My experience with velcro on brick is not good. The fuzzy velcro
> sides stick together really well, but the brick and the sticky side don't.
> Uneven surface is a BIG problem and, further, if the brick is not sealed
> (but I assume it is) even a slightly crumbly, sandy kind of surface is
> hopeless for any kind of sticky stuff. If it is just paper you are putting
> straight onto the wall, there is a terrific archival double sided tape
> available - and it actually comes off the paper cleanly afterwards too.
> Drilling, rawl plugs and screws is the safest option IMO. Then, after
> everything
> is sold, fill the holes with good old Spakfilla (I have no idea what it's
> called in the US.) Great stuff, I'll send you some if you like. I reckon
> over 50% of the content of the walls of the gallery I show at is
> primarily composed of Spakfilla.
> Cheers
> Catherine
> > Chris,
> >
> > Here's a stupid idea that shouldn't cost much. What about self-adhesive
> > velcro, which I believe can be bought by the yard or metre off a roll?
> > ("Velcro" in the UK, that is; if you don't know what I'm talking about,
> I'll
> > try and find out what you call it.) A short length stuck to each corner
> at
> > the back of the frame, and in corresponding positions on the wall. Just
> > peel off afterwards - if there's any sticky residue, alcohol or similar
> > solvent should get rid of it.
> >
> > Liam
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