Re: Bellows tricks Homebrew Hootch is a Hoot!

From: John Cremati ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/26/04-12:50:39 AM Z
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Subject: Re: Bellows tricks Homebrew Hootch is a Hoot!

> John, this sounds interesting. I just got an eBay 8x10 that looks
> except for a dozen tiny pinholes. So I'd like to give this a try.
> what sort of proportions worked for you in the mix?
I did not measure the ingeditants so here are my estimations.
 about 1 1/2 shot glasses of roof Caulk, 4+ shot glasses of the
Upholsterers Contact Cement , and 3 shot glasses of the Black out paint.
I had to stir for a really long time to get the Caulk to mix in completely .
You may want to let the mix settle over night in a closed jar so the
entrapped air will come out..

John Cremati
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