Re: Bellows tricks Homebrew Hootch is a Hoot!

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John, this sounds interesting. I just got an eBay 8x10 that looks fantastic,
except for a dozen tiny pinholes. So I'd like to give this a try. Question:
what sort of proportions worked for you in the mix?


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> Hi All,
> I think I have resolved my Bellows light leak problems ... It appears to
> have worked extremely well...
> I had coated a badly worn out Toyo bellows with a home brew coating
> mixture made up of "Upholsterers
> Contact Cement" (will not harm or lift foam, rubber, vinyl and has a much
> thinner consistency than regular contact cement,), plus " Black Out"
> used by Neon Sign makers to block light on neon tubes where they do not
> want it., and " Roof Caulk " a thick rubber like material used to repair
> rubber membrane roofs... The final mix had the consistency of thick
> ice cream.
> I must say that I am very impressed at the outcome.. The mixture
> be applied very thin and when dry will not stick to itself.
> It dries fast as a rubber membrane and appears to be totally light
> I also tested it by coating a white plastic garbage bag and wrinkled and
> crunched the heck out of it..It did not wear, crease, or lift or stick to
> itself ... Pretty tough stuff when completely dry .. It is not absorbed
> completely by cloth so that it fills the holes..
> I then coated my bellows at the corners and obvious light leaks
> and then a second coat over the entire bellows.. It appears as if it is
> good as new! So far no problems or light leaks.! .
> I made the mistake of using a dime sized camel hair brush so
> are obvious brush strokes over the bellows .. It would be much better
> a 1 inch or larger brush or even a fine rubber paint roller on the final
> coating.. I also flattened the bellows to apply the mix..
> I guess the next step is to give it the time test.
> John Cremati
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