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Date: 04/19/04-11:46:56 AM Z
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On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, William Laven wrote:
> ps Even by a window, the card will show whether the light at that
> part of the day is 5000K; it might be cooler or warmer of course for
> many reasons. Many printers have viewing areas with artificial light
> sources that are supposed to replicate "daylight" and this card will
> confirm whether they do or not.

Thanks Bill -- very interesting and for whatever reason more info on the
topic than on the long-ago Epson list, or anyway new info. Now, however,
since you know so much -- why is this suddenly such an issue? Are inkjet
inks more metamerism-prone than other colors ? In printmaking, color
photography, painting & drawing, etc., you knew colors looked different in
different lights, but it didn't seem to be such an issue. Is metamerism
worse, or more uneven, in inkjet?


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