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Thanks for your kind comments. Ed Buffaloe has very genorously published a
new revised update on the process including further pictures illustrating
the felexabilty inherant in this process.

With the help of my little group of dedicated Egg-tempera-print printmakers
We are allways attempting to simplify and improve the process.

> Pete, I didn't give up the idea of Temperaprint and the image you've
> sent was wonderful!
> I have Yupo paper now...
> 1) How do you cut Yupo, it seems like a hard-to-cut material? Do you
> think that a standard DAHLE rotary cutter will work?

I think my good friend hellena has answered this question. I use a scalpel
and stainless steel cutting edge

> I guess most of my problems are related to pigments - I cannot mix
> according to your instructions because I'm using high viscosity tube
> colors... So, I decided to purchase Liquitex Medium Viscosity Artist
> Colors...
You can use any colours it is all a matter of where you are coming from and
where you want to go. Colour selection and mixing is a very complex business
A book that I have found personally invaluable is Color Choices by Stephen
Watson Guptill 1989 ISBN 0-8230-0696-4.He has a fantastic Colour Wheel which
is the basic starting point of all colour mixing

> What colors do you recommend (or use) for tricolor printing?

 I use a basic two coat per colour system and perhaps three with the final
black printer depending on the picture aesthetic.
So with a normal CMYK print I use 8 or 9 coats. With a known image I can
complete a print in three to four hours. The order of printing is:

* Black     [mars} 1+6 one coat
* Yellow   [cad lemon] 1+7 two coats
* Magenta [acra ] 1+8 two coats
* Cyan     [phalo blue] 1+15 one or two coats
* Sometimes a Complementary further 1+8 one or two coats of burnt umber
or emerald green using the black printer.

One last point: I prefer to clear the dichromate stain with a 1% solution
sulphuric. Acid drain clear works just as well.

> 3) I noticed a Liquitex product called "airbrush medium", do you use it
> (or any other additive) to further thin your colors?

No need to use it ! you will only be adding acrylic to the mix which could
give problems

Happy printmaking

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