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Date: 04/18/04-06:09:33 PM Z
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Are you using these papers for full color printing, multiple ink
monochrome printing, or black-ink-only monochrome? I'm curious because
I've found that, in particular, Epson Velvet Fine Art suffers enormous
metamorism when used for multi-ink monochrome printing, while the same
file printed on Hannemuhle is just marvelous.


On Apr 18, 2004, at 2:09 PM, wrote:

> There are hundreds of papers one can try.  Three of my favorites are
> Arches Infinity, Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, and Somerset Velvet for
> Epson.  The UltraSmooth FIne Art paper by Epson has had some
> problems.  I have used Smooth Fine Art by Epson and liked that also.
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