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Hi Darryl,

I would also humbly suggest (in spite of Cone Editions suggestion) that
though Hannemuhle Photo Rag does make a beautiful print, it is extremely expensive,
it flakes badly, it scratches/scuffs badly. I was very disappointed with
it. I'd be happy to sell you the unused 24 x 30 sheets I have left.

There are hundreds of papers one can try. Three of my favorites are Arches
Infinity, Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, and Somerset Velvet for Epson. The
UltraSmooth FIne Art paper by Epson has had some problems. I have used Smooth
Fine Art by Epson and liked that also.

The 4000 is a nice printer. Have fun with it! Maybe after they see the
work you and the students do with it, they'll give you a raise after all.

Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives

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> Mark,
> Might I humbly ask (my wife would say no, I'm never humble, but she
> doesn't know as much about digital printing ;-}) which papers you are
> refering to with this statement. I spent the better part of yesterday
> working on finding a new paper for the new Epson 4000 (the school
> bought we one instead of giving me a raise).
> Larry Danque of Cone Editions told me they still thought Hannemuhle
> Photo Rag was still the best coated matter paper.
> thanks
> Darryl
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