Re: Am I doing something wrong with this 8x10 development?

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/18/04-07:17:03 AM Z
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I don't believe the condition of the fixer has
anything to do with it. I get the very pinkish
stain with this film even with fresh, strong
fixer. To remove the stain I place it in a
solution containing about a half spoonful of
sodium carbonate per liter. This removes the
stain completely in about five minutes.You could
also use sulfite, metaborte, etc.

Sandy King

>This probably has nothing to do w/your developer but
>w/your fixing.
>T-max needs good fresh fixer so if your fix isn't film
>dilution strength, or if you fixed for less than might
>be optimum, you'll get that tinge.
>So you could check on all of the above plus extending
>hypo clearing time and a good wash and the
>reddish/purplish tinge will be gone. Kodak says
>there's no problem from that SLIGHT tinge, but if the
>image is a little cloudy then you've really
>under-fixed. I always go 5 mins in Kodak Rapid fixer.
>Also, T-max exhausts fixer much more rapidly than
>non-t-grain films so a gallon of rapid fixer will do
>only 60 rolls of T-max as compared to 120 rolls of
>non-t-grain film.
>--- Jon Danforth <> wrote:
>> I know this isn't necessarily alt-process related
>> but I think that I might
>> need to try an alternative developer if this prooves
>> to be a problem.
>> I developed two sheets of 8x10 T-Max 100 today (my
>> first EVER large format
>> shots! Yay!) and there's a slight red tinge to the
>> emulsion. I used
>> Ilfosol-S for 7.5 minutes. I've had a lot of
>> experience with Tri-X 400 and
>> Acros 100 using this developer for 120/220 but I've
>> never seen this effect
>> on the emulsion before. Note that I have never shot
>> T-Max 100, developed
>> it, or printed from it before.
>> Is this damaging? Does anyone have a better
>> reccomended developer for this
>> film? I'll probably switch to my Tri-X standby once
>> I exhaust my stash of
>> T-Max but why waste the film? Does the red tint
>> have any contrast effect on
>> the prints? I wonder if this would be preferable
>> for Pl/Pd?
>> Thanks,
>> Jon
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