Re: Am I doing something wrong with this 8x10 development?

From: Eric Nelson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/17/04-11:26:13 PM Z
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This probably has nothing to do w/your developer but
w/your fixing.
T-max needs good fresh fixer so if your fix isn't film
dilution strength, or if you fixed for less than might
be optimum, you'll get that tinge.
So you could check on all of the above plus extending
hypo clearing time and a good wash and the
reddish/purplish tinge will be gone. Kodak says
there's no problem from that SLIGHT tinge, but if the
image is a little cloudy then you've really
under-fixed. I always go 5 mins in Kodak Rapid fixer.
Also, T-max exhausts fixer much more rapidly than
non-t-grain films so a gallon of rapid fixer will do
only 60 rolls of T-max as compared to 120 rolls of
non-t-grain film.

--- Jon Danforth <> wrote:
> I know this isn't necessarily alt-process related
> but I think that I might
> need to try an alternative developer if this prooves
> to be a problem.
> I developed two sheets of 8x10 T-Max 100 today (my
> first EVER large format
> shots! Yay!) and there's a slight red tinge to the
> emulsion. I used
> Ilfosol-S for 7.5 minutes. I've had a lot of
> experience with Tri-X 400 and
> Acros 100 using this developer for 120/220 but I've
> never seen this effect
> on the emulsion before. Note that I have never shot
> T-Max 100, developed
> it, or printed from it before.
> Is this damaging? Does anyone have a better
> reccomended developer for this
> film? I'll probably switch to my Tri-X standby once
> I exhaust my stash of
> T-Max but why waste the film? Does the red tint
> have any contrast effect on
> the prints? I wonder if this would be preferable
> for Pl/Pd?
> Thanks,
> Jon

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