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Thanks for your comments.

Yes, I meant 5760 X 2440.

I am primarily trying to understand what the higher (5760 dpi) figure
means. In other words, all other thing being equal, what would be the
advantage of a printer that advertises resolution of 5760 X 1440 over
one that is rated at 2240 X 1440? Since this is a printer and not
scanner I assumed that interpolation was not an issue?

BTW, my Epson 2000P is only 1440 X 720 dpi, and yet it is capable of
making very sharp prints and negatives.


>I assume that the 5760 (2 x 2880) is an interpolated dpi value and not a
>native printer value. Also do you mean 2880 instead of 2440? The native
>printer values for print dpi are usually multiples of 360 - 720.
>But to answer your question the difference in print quality depends on the
>image and the substrate you are printing on. High frequency images (one with
>fine detail) usually benefit from a higher printer dpi, but it is subtle
>when compared to 1440.
>Also the amount of ink put down at 2880 may worsen the print quality if the
>ink cannot be absorbed into the substrate easily or tends to pool. And
>different inks can come into play as well; I assume you are using Epson OEM
>One would suppose that your 2000P should provide better results though than
>a 4 headed printer at the same dpi.
>Perhaps one of our real digital experts can explain this to us.
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>> Should one expect to see much difference in print quality between a
>> printer rated at 5760 X 1440 dpi and one rated at 2440 X 1440 dpi?
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