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I assume that the 5760 (2 x 2880) is an interpolated dpi value and not a
native printer value. Also do you mean 2880 instead of 2440? The native
printer values for print dpi are usually multiples of 360 - 720.

But to answer your question the difference in print quality depends on the
image and the substrate you are printing on. High frequency images (one with
fine detail) usually benefit from a higher printer dpi, but it is subtle
when compared to 1440.

Also the amount of ink put down at 2880 may worsen the print quality if the
ink cannot be absorbed into the substrate easily or tends to pool. And
different inks can come into play as well; I assume you are using Epson OEM

One would suppose that your 2000P should provide better results though than
a 4 headed printer at the same dpi.

Perhaps one of our real digital experts can explain this to us.


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> Should one expect to see much difference in print quality between a
> printer rated at 5760 X 1440 dpi and one rated at 2440 X 1440 dpi?
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