Re: Phillips Daylight deluxe bulbs as UV source?

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/13/04-05:50:18 PM Z
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I used Daylight tubes some years ago for carbon printing and they
worked fine for me, but others who had tried them with the iron
processes (Pt/Pd, cyanotype, VDB, etc.) report that exposure times
are much longer than with UV tubes such as the BL, BLB, SA, etc.

Sandy King

>>I came accross Phillips Daylight Deluxe bulbs which are rated at
>>6500 K. The price is very reasonable and they look like they will
>>work in reg magnatic two bulb fixtures. They come in 24 and 48
>>inch. So why is this too good to be true?
>It's too good to be true because much of the light output falls
>outside the UV range and is therefore "wasted" on UV-sensitive
>materials. Better to get UV bulbs whose output concentrates on the
>req's part of the UV range.
>But they'd be great to replace normal florescent bulbs in a workshop
>since the daylight light is much more pleasant than a normal
>florescent bulb's green light. So they're still good and true, but
>just for another purpose than printing!!
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