Re: Phillips Daylight deluxe bulbs as UV source?

From: William Laven ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/13/04-04:11:51 PM Z
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>I came accross Phillips Daylight Deluxe bulbs which are rated at
>6500 K. The price is very reasonable and they look like they will
>work in reg magnatic two bulb fixtures. They come in 24 and 48
>inch. So why is this too good to be true?

It's too good to be true because much of the light output falls
outside the UV range and is therefore "wasted" on UV-sensitive
materials. Better to get UV bulbs whose output concentrates on the
req's part of the UV range.

But they'd be great to replace normal florescent bulbs in a workshop
since the daylight light is much more pleasant than a normal
florescent bulb's green light. So they're still good and true, but
just for another purpose than printing!!
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