RE:Gum printing ?

From: Robert ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/08/04-09:31:19 AM Z
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Thanks to Keith suggestion of changing to Pthalo blue I was able to get a
good print.

To answer Dave's question. I have printed gum with cyanotype. This caused me
to want to learn more about gum and become good with this process. Over the
last couple of years I read with interest the discussions about gum printing
and thought that sure sounds like a lot of work to make prints. Seeing
tri-color gum prints with cyanotype got me past saying I will never print
with gum to I am going to give it a try and stay with it until I make good
prints. Now it looks like there is no going back.

What is so great about this list is that what ever the question regardless
of how simple or complex there are answers. After posted my questions, I
went to art store and bought four different blue water colors to try. That
may have taken another couple of weeks to find the right pigment and untold
hours of frustration.

Best Regards,
Robert Cockrell
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