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Why not try printing tri-color gum/cyanotype? I've had great results with
this method. IMO, the cyanotype is the "better blue".

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> After viewing Sam's Tri-color gum over cyanotype prints last summer and
> reading the recent article on the unblinking eye. I have started to try to
> learn the process and am making progress. First a special thanks to
> Katharine for her informative web page which has given me a wealth of
> information. Sam for his work and article and Christine for description
> prints currently on the unblinking Eye. I better give Ed some praise for
> website and contribution to this community of alternate process.
> I am making digital 8x10 negatives which print in platinum/palladium
> 2minutes to three. Three coats of gum 1 1/2 minutes to 2minutes, six coats
> gun 1 minute each coat. I am mixing 5cm gum to 5cm potassium dichromate
> 1 gram of water color pigment. I am using Daniel Smith: Antraquinoid Red,
> Cadmium medium yellow and Windsor & Newton French Ultramarine. The red and
> Yellow seem to work well and l looking for a better blue.
> One of the things which I am unsure about is the order of the layers to
> a color print. When I use blue for the first coat I am able to register my
> negative with out trouble. When I use yellow for the first layer it is
> harder to see the negative come into registration, but I achieved the best
> color by using Y, M then B negatives.
> I am unsure how to fine tune the color balance. More time for one color or
> more pigment? Since I am using Red, Yellow and Blue to make a color print
> would this be the same as traditional silver additive color printing.
> I will scan several prints and post them to so that you may have
> better idea how to give me direction. The nude negatives where on (cheap
> transparency film which ran during exposure)
> Best Regards,
> Robert Cockrell
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