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From: Jenn Procacci ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/05/04-07:45:18 PM Z
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Stinky paint is the worst! I used to do a lot of scenic
painting for a summer stock theater, and we would mix super
high pigment paint with water and often save it in paint
cans for the end of the summer, not only did
these stock colors smell to high heaven, but they often had
mold growing on the surface of them as well! I noticed that
the blue-based colors went bad the fastest and also had the
worst smells. Someone told me that the reason the paint
went bad is because it had some sort of milk-derived protein
in it. So, possibly something organic in your old paint has
gone rotten? Our solution used to be to dump some lysol in
it and use it anyway, but the pieces we were painting were
only used for 3 weeks tops, so archival-ness was not exactly
our top priority.

I sympathize!
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