stinky paint

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/05/04-07:07:10 PM Z
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First we talked about stinky paper, now stinky paint. I have noticed when
using ultramarine blue that it stinks. I right now am using cadmium yellow
pale (PY 35) and noticed the same thing; it REEKS. The whole room, with 5
16x20 sheets of coated paper drying in it, is unbearable. I smelled my gum
and gum smells fine. I checked Hilary Page's Watercolor book, and sure
enough, she says both contain sulfur, and that when she uses cad yellow it
smells bad. So it is not my more reason I don't prefer
cadmium yellow. (I'm using up old tubes of paint, normally don't use either
ultra or cad yellow.) Has anyone else experienced this or is my nose just
wayyyy too sensitive?
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