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> > If you or anyone is interested in history of developing agents and
> > their evolutions in practical formula, from practical aspects put in
> > parallel to studies on mechanisms of development, Levenson has
> > published a couple of excellent review articles from 60's to late 80's
> > and I can get you the reference info next week. Henn has written some
> > good ones as well, but these are more chemistry oriented. (No, none
> > of them is in PDF files.)
> I would love these references :)

So here are review papers...

One great resource in terms of historical perspective and current
state of knowledge is Vol 39, Number 2 of The Journal of Photographic
Science (1991), which is the centennial issue after the 1890 paper on
sensitometry by F. Hurter and V. C. Driffield. In that issue, there
are several excellent articles, of which Development of the Latent
Image by G. I. P Levenson (pp 63-69) and Photographic Processes --
1890 to the Present Day by R. E. Jacobson are directly related to our
discussion. The articles in this issue are probably much more
accessible than those listed below.

More concise reviews on silver gelatin processing chemistry (not just
development) is presented in Proudfoot, Ed. Handbook of photographic
science and engineering, 2nd ed, by The Society for Imaging Science
and Technology. Another one by R. W. Henn (1977), Development and
after process is in Neblette's handbook of photography and
reprography, 7th edition by Sturge.

In fact there is 8th edition of the Neblette's handbook, in which
you'll find excellent chapter on silver gelatin emulsion and another
on instant photography, but the focus had moved from silver imaging to
electronic imaging, and smaller proportion of the book is spent for
silver photography. But if you are interested in emulsion and instant
photography, check out the 8th edition as well. (The 7th edition has
an emulsion chapter written by Mueller, and the 8th edition by Sturmer
and Marchetti, written with very different emphases.)

In the context of superadditive developers, Levenson published another
review paper: Levenson, G. I. P. 1969. Superadditive
developers. Photographic Science and Engineering, 13, 299-311.

Also, The theory of the photographic process 4th edition by James
(1977) has 4 full chapters on development. One chapter in Tani's
(1995) book describes the development process very nicely from
electrochemical viewpoint.

I think this is enough.

Ryuji Suzuki
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