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>On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Breukel, C. (HKG) wrote:
>> I recently mixed some agryotype solution, and used that to coat some Simili
>> Japon paper and a piece of Canson Fonteney, both papers came out ok ...
>I don't think I've seen Canson Fonteney in the US... does anyone know if
>(a) it's sold here, or (b) what a comparable paper might be?

Hi Judy,
I use the 300grs aquarelle Canson Fontenay -cold pressed. It stated
: both surface internally sized, mould made with 50% cotton etc.
manufactured by:
Papeteries Canson & Montgolfier S.A. / France.
I would compare it with Rives bfk.

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