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My apologies to the list-that note was meant to be a private one.

mea culpa mea culpa

I love Brits....Long live the Queen!

Mark Nelson


>..but we British don't like anyone who is foreign, especially including the
French, well I don't anyway.

The Americans can be tolerated but only because of their money, well that's
what I think anyway.


I find it quite touching that in a country that prides itself on being the
most technically up to date and with it, generally speaking, there

 seem's to be a collection of odd-sods within that population hell bent in
going backwards technologically speaking.

This here news group would appear to be at the veritable epicentre of that
social malfunction, with references to gum Arabic and other strange

nostrums being banded about in everyday parlance as if we were still living
in the 19th century.


For those who may be interested in seeing the real article there are three
print fairs in London this year. Each is on a Sunday on the 16th May, 12th
Sep, 7th Nov 2004.

Location: Bonnington Hotel

              Southampton Row

              Bloomsbury (very arty matey - think "The Lighthouse"

              London WC1 <>



Richard - a modernist and digitalist to the veritable tips of his toesy's
but nevertheless

still interested in the rather quaint going's on as displayed on certain
news groups I could mention.

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