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I just now saw your note nested inside Chris's note—I'm sure some day we'll
meet and share a pint...

I have a great uncle who was into genealogy. He traced our family ancestry
back a few hundred years to an illustrious gentleman who was a court
physician..... fortunately he sired offspring before he was beheaded for showing a bit
to much enthusiasm while administering the royal enema. But then that's a
whole other story and obviously off topic, but perhaps it was a forerunner of
the colloidial processes—just needed to add a pinch of dichromate.

I have this problem with email—sometimes it goes where I don't want it to in point my last post...
And sometimes, especially with posts from this list, I don't receive about a
third of the email that comes out of the alt photo newsgroup.

So, If at times, I don't reply to someone's post, please send me another note
offlist or forward the post to me—I'm pretty good about responding to email

Let's see, I have to say something on-topic. Chris:
Step Wedgies are what inspired the Miinistry of Silly Walks. Step Wedges
are what inspired Phil Davis.



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> Mark,
> Ok mate we have all done it. You may have won the war of independence but I
> had to show you that us Brits are not completely down and out.I have some
> wonderful American friends and hope to include you as one of them.
> Pete hehehehe
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