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Date: 04/04/04-04:18:26 PM Z
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Neither am I Ryuji, but the Amidol film deeloping formula that works for me
is 1) with one liter of water add 20g SOD sulfite and 5g Amidol.

It's very simple. At 68 degrees with constant agitation in the solution for
40 seconds, let soak in a 73 degree water bath, then back into the developer
for 50 seconds, back to the water bath and return to the developer for 90

That's when I look under a green light (Kodak filter #3) no closer than 48
inches or right up to th elight if necessary with a 7 watt bulb; and after
the inspection either give it more development, looking every 90 seconds or
longer in the water bath.

Use Citric Acid stop, as the other stop bath solutions cause bubbles that
show as pin holes. Citric acid 1/2 oz with one liter water. Or was that
with one gallon . . . hmmm, we all better check with Anchell's Darkroom

S. Shapiro
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> Hey Sandy;
> I am not Ryuji, but I have used PMK with a small ([ chemical spoon ]
> with 500ml of mixed PMK. Using Amidol with very good success, I have done
> this way for many years, I bought 10 grams of Amidol about four years ago
> and have yet to use perhaps 1/2. It works great to boost speed, I have not
> seen grain increase in MF& LF negatives using HP5, Delta 400 & 100,
> Acros.
> There is an Amidol water 2 bath developer I used it many moons ago.
> It gave me some very accuatant negatives, but the poison qualities of
> hold no particular interest to me, if you would like the formula I'll dig
> up.
> on 4/3/04 12:33 PM, Sandy King at wrote:
> > Ryuji,
> >
> > LCSheen indicates the possibility of making perfect negatives for
> > Pt/Pd with two minutes of development in Amidol, presumbably using a
> > continuous tone fillm.
> >
> > Is this possible? And I wonder if you might comment on the use of
> > Amidol as a film developer?
> >
> > My own knowledge of and experience with Amidol is very limited.
> > Gordon Hutchings claims that the addition of a small amount of amidol
> > to PMK will increase film speed. I tried this once and got no
> > increase in film speed but I did get some big ugly grain.
> >
> > Sandy King
> >
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