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Date: 04/04/04-03:22:18 PM Z
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Hello Carl,
I totally agree- using those large cameras are fun and easy- especially if
one is far-sighted.
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> >Do this test.
> Sandy
> That's all well and good for testing resolution, but I for one (making
> direct contact prints from large format negatives) don't much care about
> resolution--there's more than enough to go around. I think a great deal of
> time is wasted by photographers chasing around after "sharpness"--almost
> much as is wasted chasing "dmax". I'm much more concerned with tone,
> especially the ability to distinguish very fine tonal differences in a
> while maintaining, if needed, a short overall range. For this, I find that
> pyro-stained negatives are better than MQ negatives. Some pyro formulas
> better at it than others. Not every picture will be markedly better using
> pyro, but my estimate is that maybe 7 out of 10 will be.
> Basically I work on the premise of productive laziness. I use large and
> ultra-large format cameras because I'm lazy: they make it easier to get
> prints. I put on gloves and use pyro negative development for the same
> reason--it makes it easier to get good Pt/Pd prints.
> ---Carl
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