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Date: 04/04/04-06:59:34 AM Z
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>Do this test.


That's all well and good for testing resolution, but I for one (making
direct contact prints from large format negatives) don't much care about
resolution--there's more than enough to go around. I think a great deal of
time is wasted by photographers chasing around after "sharpness"--almost as
much as is wasted chasing "dmax". I'm much more concerned with tone,
especially the ability to distinguish very fine tonal differences in a print
while maintaining, if needed, a short overall range. For this, I find that
pyro-stained negatives are better than MQ negatives. Some pyro formulas are
better at it than others. Not every picture will be markedly better using
pyro, but my estimate is that maybe 7 out of 10 will be.

Basically I work on the premise of productive laziness. I use large and
ultra-large format cameras because I'm lazy: they make it easier to get good
prints. I put on gloves and use pyro negative development for the same
reason--it makes it easier to get good Pt/Pd prints.

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