Re: About pseudonyms and list usage.

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A few years ago Terry King was banned from the list. His postings
frequently discouraged any discussion of any topics he was interested in.
He eventually made a series of postings with the sole intent of creating

He may be a very knowledgable person, but he did not seem willing to
tolerate a difference of opinions. I don't expect over 600 people to
agree, but I must insist that if they disagree that it be done

Terry King proved be incapable, or at least unwilling to follow this
simple rule. So I removed him from the list.

Gord Holtslander
List Manager

On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, roy beecher wrote:

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> Subject: Re: About pseudonyms and list usage.
> Now wait a minute...
> I have no idea what happened a year ago, nor do I wish to (from the sound of
> it anyway...).
> It seems, we are told, that "M" has un-subscribed himself and, as with Mike, I have no knowledge of previous events leading up to this recent spat. There is nothing in the current postings that gives an insight into this past history and I saw nothing offensive in the posts by "M" who seems to be anxious to contribute to the debate. I think it is a shame that whatever happened previously cannot be put to one side and let the list move on, sharing this knowledge from whatever source.
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