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I'd like to add you offered a solution in a very "public" forum, which
Terry refused to accept. Many of the list members, myself included,
pleaded with Terry to make amends. He chose banishment over civility.
This list continues "working" quite well with this type of nuetral


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A few years ago Terry King was banned from the list. His postings
frequently discouraged any discussion of any topics he was interested
He eventually made a series of postings with the sole intent of

He may be a very knowledgable person, but he did not seem willing to
tolerate a difference of opinions. I don't expect over 600 people to
agree, but I must insist that if they disagree that it be done

Terry King proved be incapable, or at least unwilling to follow this
simple rule. So I removed him from the list.

Gord Holtslander
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> Now wait a minute...
> I have no idea what happened a year ago, nor do I wish to (from
the sound of
> it anyway...).
> It seems, we are told, that "M" has un-subscribed himself and, as
with Mike, I have no knowledge of previous events leading up to this
recent spat. There is nothing in the current postings that gives an
insight into this past history and I saw nothing offensive in the
posts by "M" who seems to be anxious to contribute to the debate. I
think it is a shame that whatever happened previously cannot be put to
one side and let the list move on, sharing this knowledge from
whatever source.
> Roy Beecher
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