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on 4/3/04 3:50 PM, Taylor, Jane at wrote:

> I know that digital cameras are a bit of a dirty word on this list, and I have
> so far resisted, but have decided to take the plunge and get one, partly to
> save developing costs. I need one for $300-350 with a high enough resolution
> to make decent 11x14 archival prints/negatives for use in alt. photo and print
> work. My work is not primarily in pure photography but I use photo processes
> in my mixed media prints.
> I know I will need 4.0 MPix or higher for this. I have waded through many
> reviews and cannot seem to find one that suits, they all have too many
> gimmicks! Does anyone have a recommendation? I know for under 350 bucks I
> won't get the best, but that's all I can afford. I have no great interest in
> video, zoom, or the other fancy stuff that most come with. A macro feature
> would be useful though.
> Any advice is much appreciated.
> Jane.


IMO, you won't find one that has high enough resolution for what you want.

I have been shooting digital for over 6 years now, and for the type of
resolution/size you want, you will need to plan on spending 2-3000 dollars.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but unless you plan on stitching images
together, you will be disappointed.

Anyone else can feel free to chime in and give you recommendations. I'd
love to be proven wrong, but unfortunately in your case, I don't think I am.

Good luck with the path you choose!

Michael Slade
Tawąyama Safaris Inc.
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