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Date: 04/03/04-06:03:29 PM Z
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Life really is just unfair. After reading Dave's (way too politic)
contribution, I wanted to say, Dave! Stop! Think "plonk: the sound a newbie
makes as his name hits the bottom of the kill pile."

But now I'm reading about how long this list is on dirt, I mean history,
and - wow. Suddenly I realize ***I'm*** the newbie!


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> On Sat, 3 Apr 2004, Sandy King wrote:
> > For my trouble I received from him a very offensive personal message,
> >
> > "If you do not stop this nonsense, I will post to this list what
> > actually happened. It does not make pretty reading and, in the light
> > of your currrent e mail, it does not reflect well on you."
> I tell you what Sandy -- I have the original e-mails in a few files here
> and there... so we could do a sort of alt-photo variables test ....
> comparing the new versions to the originals... (Which according to one
> report have been expunged from the archive. As Mark would say -- heh heh
> heh.)
> Meanwhile, I hope Darryl is right ... I think the saying is history
> repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.
> J.
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